Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Take a minute to study your features.....

As a make up artist the first step when I meet new clients is to establish facial features, eye colour etc. but when I ask my clients if they have studied their own faces, to my surprise, the answer more often than not, is no!  Knowing your skin type and features is the first step when buying products.  Tonight when removing your make-up (essential) after your long day

  • Cleanse tone and moisturise  
  • Skin type - establish whether oily, dry or combination
  • Know Your Eye colour - different eye shadow colours will enhance your make-up (blog to follow)
  • Brows - Groomed brows are essential book an appointment for a tint & shape
  • Smile - simply smiling takes years off us!! 

In this cold snap our poor lips are suffering and it may be difficult to smile without feeling like you lips will fall off!  Gently exfoliate with an old tooth brush in circular light motions and apply lip balm before going to bed. 

  • PRODUCT OF THE DAY:   Blistex Relief Cream – has a cooling effect on lips and when used throughout the day lips feel more moisturised and a little more plump which us gals love!

Keep up to date by looging on for further blogs on each of the above topics. 


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