Monday, December 13, 2010

1940's MAKE-UP


World War II put glamour on hold but in spite of this the French were working hard to maintain their reputation for having the best-dressed females in the world. 

The French women developed an outlandish style demonstrating their independence from the women of the rest of the World. 

French women sported dark red lips, bright dresses, flamboyant hats, and shoes that grew to heights with wedges and elaborate hairdos accentuated with veils, flowers and velvet. 

Due to the lack of resources during World War II the quality of makeup left a lot to be desired where women used shoe polish to colour their eyelashes and brows.

English women turned to rose petals dipped in redwine as rouge for cheeks. 

After the war, emphasis changed from the mouth to the eyes e.g. Brigitte Bardot.

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