Monday, December 13, 2010

1950's MAKE-UP


Post-war, the look became sweeter and more light-hearted. 

Though people especially women were fond of glamorous looks some preference was also given to the natural appeal of the face. 

Liquid foundation debuted in 1953 with thick pancake makeup becoming less popular and the applying liquid foundation becoming more popular. 

Christian Dior entered the makeup world in 1955 with the launch of eight lipsticks which worked with the colours in their fashion collections.  Matching cloths, makeup and accessories became very important. 

Coco Chanel and the late Rochas began to launch two colours each season along with their new fashion range. 

Makeup combinations such as green eye shadow with green moss liner and copper mascara were seen, or silvery blue eye shadow with navy line and violet eyelashes. 

Turquoise eyes and orange lips along with the fuller eyebrows of Audrey Hepburn but still shaped gave an elegant touch while being dramatic. 

Curved eyebrows of Marilyn Monroe and Elizabeth Taylor gave a flirtatious sensibility. 

This decade saw the first stirrings of the women’s liberation movement which favoured a more serious image of black eyes, hair and clothes.

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