Wednesday, March 22, 2017

I'm Back!

Two babies and life as a part-time working mum has kept me busy for the past four years. Through this time I have learned alot about everything and now its my turn to pass my knowledge on!

Lots of tips and tricks coming your way so keep posted!

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Friday, January 14, 2011

Make-up Bag Essentials!!

Through the years I have met many women who begin to explain why they don’t wear make-up, haven't got the products, don't have time and not sure what basic make-up essentials are required.  Believe me, if you have everything organised in a transparent makeup bag it takes no more than five minutes for a touch of concealer, foundation, blusher and mascara - that's all you need!  Once you have the basic products you can turn day time make-up to night in a flash!

Follow these steps and I promise you are on the road to becoming a fresh faced beauty - even if it is the crack of dawn!

  • MAKE-UP BAG - Set aside a transparent make-up bag with the products that you use every day which contains foundation, concealer, powder, blusher and mascara - remember a touch of concealer can immediately change your face.
  • BRUSHES - Invest in good sable or natural hair brushes use synthetic brushes for applying lipstick, concealer or foundation and natural hair brushes for shadow, blusher and powder.  I use baby shampoo to clean my natural hair brushes by applying a pea size of the shampoo to the palm of my hand, having drenched the bristles of the brush in water swirl around your hand until the product has foamed and rinse thoroughly, shake well and reshape while wet.  Leave to air dry over the side of a table or in your airing press and they will be ready to go in a day or two.  Repeat for the synthetic brushes using a little washing up liquid instead of shampoo and repeat the same technique.  Please take time out to give your brushes a freshen up - could be causing those occasional nasty break-outs!
  • FOUNDATION - when purchasing foundation test on the side of your makeup free cheek in the shop and walk out to the natural day light.  The foundation should disappear into your skin, not sit on it and remember to choose the same tone as your natural skin tone, you will immediately see what I am talking about if you choose the wrong colour.  Ideally get a sample of the foundation and wear for the day to see if you like it before purchasing.  Apply down the centre of the face and work outwards with the excess foundation.  Foundation is used to even out skin tone not mask it or change the natural colour.
  • CONCEALER - there are many concealers on the market but look for light weight in consistency.  Choose a colour similar to the colour of your foundation so it blends well.  Used around the nose, spots, under eye darkness.  The reason for a light-weight consistency is it blends in with the foundation not sits on any lines or wrinkles.
  • EYE BRIGHTENERS - these are used to illuminate dark areas such as under eye circles and help to make those up-late-the-night before circles disappear in seconds.  Apply with a brush or you finger in a patting motion not a dragging motion.
  • POWDER - I like to use a loose translucent powder applied all over the face with a large powder brush in light swirling motions being careful not to overload the skin.  You can also use a translucent compact powder.  Test the colour or any powder on the back of your hand to make sure the colour is not too chalky white and normally translucent so it does not alter the colour of your foundation - not a great look!
  • BLUSHER - If you have red tones in your skin stay with a peachy colour or if you are lucky enough to have a clear complexion use a pink toned blush to give your face a natural lift.  Swirl a medium sized brush into your powder, smile and apply to the apples of your cheeks.  A bright pop of blush will immediately bring your whole face alive.
  • EYE LINER - apply a brown liner to the base of your lashes and smudge into the roots keeping close to the lash line this will immediately thicken your lashes making your eyes pop!  If you have a steady hand you can use a liquid liner without smudging.
  • EYE BROWS - don't forget about your brows as they frame the face.  There are alot of products specially formulated for the brows just remember less is more during the day and choose a colour suitable to your natural brow colour.  Add a little product through your natural brows and comb through with a clean brow brush.
  • MASCARA - Again there are many products on the market from cheaper versions to more expensive just remember your mascara has a shelf life of about six months bin it if it is clumpy and older than six months - you know!!!!  Apply in a zig-zag motion applying to the roots of the top lashes and pull through the top lashes.  To add more definition I use the top of the mascara wand to give an extra coating of mascara to the lashes at the corner of the eyes as these lashes are often missed when applying with the whole mascara wand.
  • LIPSTICK - I like to use a lip pencil close to the colour of your natural lip, line the natural lip line and fill in the entire lip once outlined.  Then apply lipstick to the whole lip area and blot with a tissue, then repeat three times.  This ensures the lipstick will go the distance.  Apply a dab of gloss to the centre of the lips.
**  Please do a 24 hour patch test on any products you purchase to ensure you are not allergic to any of the ingredients saves time and money in the long term.

TIP OF THE WEEK - I often find when applying foundation and powder extra product remains sitting on your brows.  Once you have applied your brow product, spray a little hair spray onto your brow brush and comb through this will eliminate any excess product and also keep your brows in place for the day!!

Monday, December 13, 2010

1990's MAKE-UP


In the early ‘90’s neohippy and grunge were popular looks, with little concern for physical beauty or decorum. 

On the runways of Paris, Milan, and New York, models were extremely thin and had dark circles under the eyes e.g. Kate Moss. 

Cosmetic companies began to market products that promised a natural look e.g. brighteners, tinted moisturisers etc. 

Successful new products were the multi-use ones which could be used on the eyes, lips and cheeks. 

Natural skin tones, rather than suntans become fashionable. 

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1980's MAKE-UP


Women began to consider makeup as an indispensable park of their lives with the 'Yuppie' style reflected in practical makeup and hairstyles that kept up with the busy lives of working women. 

Permanent makeup for the eyes and lips became available. 

During the day, women wanted the natural look with natural tones which showed well-cared for skin with well blended makeup particularly on the jaw line where the foundation meets the throat. 

More awareness of the effects of harmful UV rays leads to the addition of sunscreen to cosmetics and therefore there is a move away from the natural tan as the ideal face colour. 

Matte tones become popular and bright tones are less fashionable. 

Eyebrows are fuller and darkened with eyes make up with smudged kohl and eyeliner abandoned.

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1970's MAKE-UP


The introduction of titanium dioxide, particles of mica covered with a fine coast of titanium dioxide.  These replace forever the eosin dye, Red No. 21 that had caused adverse reactions in some cases. 

Clinique, a new American brand was the first line of cosmetics where the look was secondary to addressing specific skin conditions, normal, oily, combination etc. 

Lancome introduced the first moisturising and protective colour cream “Beinfait du Matin”. 

A return of the fashions of the 20’s and 30’s with a touch of disco and sequins. 

False eye lashes were the height of fashion with an obsession with bronzed skin all year round. 

In 1973 makeup began to imitate nature and a neutral colour palette emerged. 

In 1976 the “punk” look was in fashion with no rules or unifying theme to the colours worn. 

Later on the fashion changed to very dark eyes, blood-red lips, and very pale skin, reminiscent of the Roaring Twenties. 

The 70’s are now ridiculed for its poor taste short-shorts with platforms, bell-bottom trousers, jumpsuits, polyester shirts, and sparkly tight disco clothes.

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1960's MAKE-UP


The “60’s” is the most important in the 20th century the golden era of new civil liberties, the decade marked by a lack of authority and discipline. 

The events of the ‘60’s in fashion, music, philosophy, lifestyle have had long-lasting social, political and cultural consequences that can still be felt in the 21st century. 

Feminism took hold and had wide reaching effects in fashion and beauty with two camps those who supported cosmetics and those who defended naturalness with the hippie community growing later in the decade. 

Towards the end of the ‘60’s Dior and Lancome launched a few bright lipsticks which were oily, shiny and less pigmented than those before. 

The prototype of woman became the British model Twiggy, with her big eyes and stick-thin figure. 

Eye shadows in different colours, dark lines on the upper and lower lash lines, several coats of mascara over false eyelashes, false brows. 

Embodying a very different ideal of beauty was the model Jean Shrimtpon.  She nurtured a depraved look, with dark circles under the eyes that suggested many nights without sleep. 

Another icon was Jackie Kennedy who had pillbox hats and bouffant hair. 

In 1968 the art of body make-up was invented.

1950's MAKE-UP


Post-war, the look became sweeter and more light-hearted. 

Though people especially women were fond of glamorous looks some preference was also given to the natural appeal of the face. 

Liquid foundation debuted in 1953 with thick pancake makeup becoming less popular and the applying liquid foundation becoming more popular. 

Christian Dior entered the makeup world in 1955 with the launch of eight lipsticks which worked with the colours in their fashion collections.  Matching cloths, makeup and accessories became very important. 

Coco Chanel and the late Rochas began to launch two colours each season along with their new fashion range. 

Makeup combinations such as green eye shadow with green moss liner and copper mascara were seen, or silvery blue eye shadow with navy line and violet eyelashes. 

Turquoise eyes and orange lips along with the fuller eyebrows of Audrey Hepburn but still shaped gave an elegant touch while being dramatic. 

Curved eyebrows of Marilyn Monroe and Elizabeth Taylor gave a flirtatious sensibility. 

This decade saw the first stirrings of the women’s liberation movement which favoured a more serious image of black eyes, hair and clothes.

1940's MAKE-UP


World War II put glamour on hold but in spite of this the French were working hard to maintain their reputation for having the best-dressed females in the world. 

The French women developed an outlandish style demonstrating their independence from the women of the rest of the World. 

French women sported dark red lips, bright dresses, flamboyant hats, and shoes that grew to heights with wedges and elaborate hairdos accentuated with veils, flowers and velvet. 

Due to the lack of resources during World War II the quality of makeup left a lot to be desired where women used shoe polish to colour their eyelashes and brows.

English women turned to rose petals dipped in redwine as rouge for cheeks. 

After the war, emphasis changed from the mouth to the eyes e.g. Brigitte Bardot.

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1930's MAKE-UP


In the early thirties a complexion of white and waxen or ivory with a touch of pink was most popular as face foundation.  By this decade, makeup had reached the masses and was available to every social class and used to imitate their favourite screen stars of the time. 

The artificial tendencies of the twenties were considered vulgar and a more individualised, natural appearance became more desirable. 

The faces of the 30’s move stars were clean and radiant and this was the look which became more sought after. 

In 1932 brothers Charles and Joseph Revson and Charles Lachman established the Revlon brand.  Revlons first product was the nail polish and later lipstick to match their nail polish. 

In 1935 the recently born company Lancome launched a new red lipstick called “Rose de France” that was perfumed with rose petals but did not wear well and stained the teeth! 

In 1937 Max Factor launched pancake makeup a waterproof makeup base that revolutionised the art or film makeup.  It did not run or smear under the hot lights of the studio and gave total coverage and a matte finish.  This makeup is still sold today.

1920's MAKE-UP

The Roaring Twenties were the time of jazz, short skirts, and free love. 

In 1924, coloured nail polish was introduced and waterproof mascara created by Elizabeth Arden. 

In 1927 Max Factors products, previously used only in film, were commercialised.  

New lipsticks emulsified with saliva called “Rouge Baiser” were created by the French chemist Paul Baudecroux and became the leading lipstick. 

In 1928 powders were micronisated a very fine, dusty texture and instant finish. 

The haircut of the time was boyish and impish with a short bob which framed the face.

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Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Take a minute to study your features.....

As a make up artist the first step when I meet new clients is to establish facial features, eye colour etc. but when I ask my clients if they have studied their own faces, to my surprise, the answer more often than not, is no!  Knowing your skin type and features is the first step when buying products.  Tonight when removing your make-up (essential) after your long day

  • Cleanse tone and moisturise  
  • Skin type - establish whether oily, dry or combination
  • Know Your Eye colour - different eye shadow colours will enhance your make-up (blog to follow)
  • Brows - Groomed brows are essential book an appointment for a tint & shape
  • Smile - simply smiling takes years off us!! 

In this cold snap our poor lips are suffering and it may be difficult to smile without feeling like you lips will fall off!  Gently exfoliate with an old tooth brush in circular light motions and apply lip balm before going to bed. 

  • PRODUCT OF THE DAY:   Blistex Relief Cream – has a cooling effect on lips and when used throughout the day lips feel more moisturised and a little more plump which us gals love!

Keep up to date by looging on for further blogs on each of the above topics. 


I'm Back!

Two babies and life as a part-time working mum has kept me busy for the past four years. Through this time I have learned alot about everyth...