Monday, December 13, 2010

1980's MAKE-UP


Women began to consider makeup as an indispensable park of their lives with the 'Yuppie' style reflected in practical makeup and hairstyles that kept up with the busy lives of working women. 

Permanent makeup for the eyes and lips became available. 

During the day, women wanted the natural look with natural tones which showed well-cared for skin with well blended makeup particularly on the jaw line where the foundation meets the throat. 

More awareness of the effects of harmful UV rays leads to the addition of sunscreen to cosmetics and therefore there is a move away from the natural tan as the ideal face colour. 

Matte tones become popular and bright tones are less fashionable. 

Eyebrows are fuller and darkened with eyes make up with smudged kohl and eyeliner abandoned.

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