Monday, December 13, 2010

1930's MAKE-UP


In the early thirties a complexion of white and waxen or ivory with a touch of pink was most popular as face foundation.  By this decade, makeup had reached the masses and was available to every social class and used to imitate their favourite screen stars of the time. 

The artificial tendencies of the twenties were considered vulgar and a more individualised, natural appearance became more desirable. 

The faces of the 30’s move stars were clean and radiant and this was the look which became more sought after. 

In 1932 brothers Charles and Joseph Revson and Charles Lachman established the Revlon brand.  Revlons first product was the nail polish and later lipstick to match their nail polish. 

In 1935 the recently born company Lancome launched a new red lipstick called “Rose de France” that was perfumed with rose petals but did not wear well and stained the teeth! 

In 1937 Max Factor launched pancake makeup a waterproof makeup base that revolutionised the art or film makeup.  It did not run or smear under the hot lights of the studio and gave total coverage and a matte finish.  This makeup is still sold today.

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