Monday, December 13, 2010

1960's MAKE-UP


The “60’s” is the most important in the 20th century the golden era of new civil liberties, the decade marked by a lack of authority and discipline. 

The events of the ‘60’s in fashion, music, philosophy, lifestyle have had long-lasting social, political and cultural consequences that can still be felt in the 21st century. 

Feminism took hold and had wide reaching effects in fashion and beauty with two camps those who supported cosmetics and those who defended naturalness with the hippie community growing later in the decade. 

Towards the end of the ‘60’s Dior and Lancome launched a few bright lipsticks which were oily, shiny and less pigmented than those before. 

The prototype of woman became the British model Twiggy, with her big eyes and stick-thin figure. 

Eye shadows in different colours, dark lines on the upper and lower lash lines, several coats of mascara over false eyelashes, false brows. 

Embodying a very different ideal of beauty was the model Jean Shrimtpon.  She nurtured a depraved look, with dark circles under the eyes that suggested many nights without sleep. 

Another icon was Jackie Kennedy who had pillbox hats and bouffant hair. 

In 1968 the art of body make-up was invented.

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